Yeezy taught me. I write about what I know and what I think I know. But I know I love what I write and you will too. Writing words is just as creative as designing clothes or making music. That’s why I do this. The keyboard I type with is my brush and 14HQ is my canvas. Music, Sport and Fashion are my topics: Something for everybody. Now I go and listen to Blonde while you check out the rest of the website.


The tallest (not quite but whatever), darkest, handsomest mother lover on the team. It’s awesome being part of a team of such talented individuals and with a small background in blogging, I’ll be contributing to the written content as well as lending a hand with the videos and production of all things 14HQ. Eyes out for us people… we’re a bunch of little Caesers trying to build our own Empire!


I’m Jason I write what I like and like what I write, that being video games and anime. Hobbies of mine include playing video games and watching anime (shock) among other things. For now I’ll keep this trend going but I hope to be working on different projects in the future.


Music and fashion sums me up. From every sub-genre of Hip-Hop and R&B to every aspect of fashion is where I make my home. I spend most of my time annoying my friends talking about music so I thought I would find another way to annoy people with my views on what album is currently changing my life. I’m here to review music, review fashion, drop information on pop culture and show you my skills as a music producer before you hear me everywhere else.


The newest member of the 14HQ family, dream chaser, deep thinker aspiring film producer. I believe we all have a purpose and my pursuit of happiness has shown me that becoming financially independent through chasing my dreams will allow me to live my life to the fullest. I am deeply passionate about media specially film and Anime, I write a lot and I try not to limit myself to any genre. I am constantly watching new films & animes and creating new concepts for future short/feature films. If you would like to collaborate email me, and who knows you might end up in my Oscar speech.


Just your average future phenome hailing from South London. Part time boxer. Full time legend. Forever basking in the 3 most influential figures in my life; The Lord, A Tribe Called Quest and last but not least…my barber.