Bobby | Huss

14HQ was founded on the beliefs of our very own motto: Creativity Knows No Limits.

Sparked from an idea that was birthed in an environment of eccentric thoughts, crazy parties, heated debates, mind boggling characters, Eastenders-esque story lines, pop culture, music, sports brotherhoods, companions as well a calm retreat. This was an environment that linked us all together & was the foundation that inspired the site you see today.
Two brothers that came from different families, different homes & different cities came together in the most random way you can imagine to find themselves on the complete same wavelength in terms of interests, ambition & drive.
Bobby Emmanuel & Husam Elgenied were very much aware of each other’s skills & talents which include videography, events management, video editing & presenting, to name a few, after they became good friends at university, working on a TV show Pilot together before 14HQ was created.

After collaborating to great success & realising the potential the pair had, they decided to create a platform of their own, where they could showcase their talents in any field they wanted. That DIY mentality made them hungry to provide themselves with a place people could learn about them, what they do & what they have to offer with the intention to create opportunities for themselves that would transform their young lives & have them sitting in spinning chairs in their very own stark towers. The journey began with the promo video you see below. After a 2 week tug of war, debating if it’s time to launch the company, Bobby and Hus knew something was missing.

They learnt what was missing was actually right in front of them. It was as if a team of highly skilled agents, demi gods, Incredible Hulks, super soldiers & playboy millionaires was around them. These people just happened to be our friends. At the time, a lot of their university experiences were beginning to come to an end. But as the saying goes; when one door closes, another one opens.

At 14HQ, the bond we all share as friends is what inspires us to make our platform the number one for original content & drives us forward to prove to the world that; the cliché saying ‘you can do anything you want, if you put your mind to it’ is a true as it has always been.

Our personality and creativity is what sets us apart & us as founders want nothing more than to push the squad towards success! Enjoy our site & keep your eyes peeled because you’ll be seeing a lot more of us.